New Fantasyland!

New Fantasyland!

There are certain things without which Disney World just would not be, well Disney World. Like Cinderella’s Castle. Or it’s a small world. And The Partners Statue. You know the one I am talking about? The statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, hand in hand, peering down Mainstreet towards the Walt Disney World Railroad Station. Walt is pointing at something, probably the future, and Cinderella Castle is in the Background. That is classic Walt Disney World. Yeah that one to the right with the amazing

An amazing shot of the fireworks with Walt and Mickey in the foreground. For the official Disney page click the picture.

fireworks from Wishes going off behind the Castle.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with Walt Disney World, just like Walt and Mickey are hand in hand on Mainstreet, is the rumor mill. Some are crazy, defying belief rumors that have no basis in fact and really stretching the limits of fantasy. Many are plausible but false. Others probably were true at one time or another but for some reason Disney management changed its mind. A precious few are actually true!

This page, however, is not for the discussion of every Walt Disney World rumor out there. If you want that the have an excellent section. Or you can just type Walt Disney World Rumors into google or your own favorite search engine.

This page is dedicated to one of the rumors that did come true, the Fantasyland expansion, aka, New Fantasyland. You will find three sections, Current Attractions featuring those attractions currently open, Coming Soon for attractions still under construction. And History for a look back at the earliest development and announcements of  New Fantasyland. I know those names are a little confusing but I trust you can keep up!

Fantasyland will now be divided into two areas, Story Book Circus and Enchanted Forrest. Currently only Storybook Circus is open but that will change on December 6th, 2012!

Storybook Circus: Inspired by the timeless classic, Dumbo, guests will enter the world of the big top circus with the center of attention being everyone’s favorite circus elephant, Dumbo!

Current attractions in Storybook Circus are:

The Barnstomer: When it was announced that Mickey’s Toon Town Fair was sinking into the same abyss as the Nautilus, fear struck my heart. I was not worried about losing Mickey’s House, or Minnies for that matter. In fact, I was not worried about losing anything in the Toon Town Fair except for the Barnstormer! Well, Goofy may not be the best pilot in the world but he flew out of the destruction that engulfed everything in Toon Town and survived to take a place in the New Fantasyland.
This mini-coaster is a crowd pleaser for all ages. Sure it’s not Big Thunder or Space Mountain but it’s fun! The best part though, is the excitement in the screams of the the young princesses and pirates!

Dumbo is twice as much fun now! Well at least there are twice as many of him! Plus an interactive queue and FASTPASS!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant: I have, honestly, never got the attraction of this one. Sure you are riding on Dumbo’s back (well more like in his back) but in the end you are just going in circles! Still, its a crowd pleaser. Ask anyone who has had to wait in line for hours to get on it! This is not your daddy’s Dumbo though! There are now two spinners and an interactive queue system to keep you entertained and out of the sun! Fastpass has also been added but not the standard one. This one has a pager system.

Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station: Not an E-ticket attraction to be sure, but still fun for the little ones to cool off and relax with one of their favorite trains!

Fantasyland Station: Closed for an update and while the New Fantasyland was taking shape, the Walt Disney Railroad once again is stopping at the backside of the park.

Coming in 2013:

Princess Fairytale Hall: Some were sad to see Snow White’s Snowy Adventure go. I was not among them. In it’s place we will soon find an indoor meet and greet for some of those famous Disney Princesses.

There’s some new castles in the Magic Kingdom. This one belongs to Prince Eric and underneath is an ocean of adventure and at least one little mermaid.

Enchanted Forest:

Opening on December 6th, 2012

Under the Sea~Journey of the Little Mermaid: Ever wonder what’s beneath a real castle? Well under Prince Eric’s castle there’s an entire sea and an Adventure with Ariel.

Be Our Guest Restaurant: Enter the Beast’s Castle and eat like a beast! During the day this new eatery will be quick service. At night it changes to table service.  Both menu’s will feature a french flavor. An exciting bit of news for some of you, this will be the first restaurant in the Magic Kingdom to serve adult beverages! But if you want to be our guest you better also be making your reservations well in advance! Here are some posts with more information:

Enchanted Tales with Belle: Belle is once again telling stories but she has moved indoors to Maurice’s cottage, or so it would appear till you step through the magic mirror and find yourself in the Beast’s Castle. Not just your standard story time, guests are expected to participate. Here are some more posts you might enjoy:

Ariel’s Grotto: There is one princess who won’t be moving into Snow White’s former home, Ariel. She gets her own spot near the sea.

Opening in 2014:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: A brand new variation of the classic coaster! This one has cars that rock back and forth! While details are still sketchy, my personal take is that this one will be a cross between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, heavy emphasis on audioanimatronics and bursts of speed. We will see. Either way, I am on it! After all I am one of the original seven dwarfs!


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