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Grand Opening of the New Fantasyland

A little late I know but here it is

Maurice Has A Magic Mirror?

At Walt Disney World anytime something is added there seems to be, unfortunately, something that has to go away. While sometimes this leaves us a little sad because a beloved attraction goes away, like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, it is a necessary part of making room for something that is new (and hopefully better!)

When WDW Imagineering announced the huge Fantasyland expansion two of the things they noted that was destined for the used to be were Snow White’s Scary Adventure and Story Time With Belle.

But neither Snow White nor Belle were going to be completely forgotten. Snow White was going to be remembered through the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train and Belle was getting an expanded and much improved story telling gig called Enchanted Tales With Belle.

Videos of the Seven Dwarf’s have already been featured here at but today we bring you a glimpse of Belle’s new venue. Enjoy the show!

Grand Opening of the Fantasyland Expansion!

No doubt you, like all other Disney loves the world over, have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the new Fantasyland attractions. Well they are not all open yet but Disney has set a date!

Disney has announced a big event set for December 6, 2012 that will include the official opening of several new attractions!

Mermaid lovers will finally get to go Under the Sea with Ariel. The little mermaid will also be featured in Ariel’s Grotto for picture taking opportunities.

For those with a Beastly appetite the new Be Our Guest Restaurant in Beast Castle as well as Gaston’s Tavern and Bonjour! Village Gifts will be open for business.

Unfortunately not everything will be ready to go on December 6th. We will have to wait till 2013 for Princess Fairytale Hall and 2014 for the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. But don’t look at it like a delay just an excuse for more trips to Disney World.

The Fantasyland Expansion Announcement at D23

The Partners Statue during Wishes

Like the Partners statue on Main Street there are something that just seem to go hand in hand with with Walt Disney World. Certainly some of the things that go hand in hand with Walt Disney World are dreams, wishes and magic. But there is another thing that is equally connected to the wonderful world that Walt envisioned: the rumor mill.

Disney rumors abound. This park is getting an expansion. This park is being shut down. A new park is opening. Like everything else you read on the internet you cannot put much trust in something that some body heard from a friend who has a cousin whose dog once stayed at the house of a cast member. But every once in a while the rumors are true.

One such rumor that was true was the one about Fantasyland getting a major update. On September 12, 2009 these rumors were confirmed at a D23 meeting.

The original plan called for a doubling of the size of Fantasyland and was heavily geared to showcase Disney princesses in their own environment. Sights, sound and magic would be heavily emphasized in true Disney fashion. Read the rest of this entry

Two Videos of the Fantasyland Expansion

It’s a busy day at grumpyworld but here are two quick looks at the amazing Fantasyland expansion.

The First Stage of the Fantasyland Updates opening in February 2012?

Okay unless you live under a rock you have to know that Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom is undergoing a major and exciting expansion. Some people were a little upset that the Toontown Fair was going away but face it there was only one ride in the whole place, the Barnstormer. Oh and they took out Snow White’s Scary Adventure (which was neither scary nor much of an adventure quite honestly!) but what we Disneyphiles are getting in exchange is far better than what we gave up. In fact one of the two rides which found its demise because of the expansion will find itself reborn. The Barnstormer is not out it is just being rethemed. And Snow White will not be forgotten either. She will get a roller coaster.

The big question on everyone’s mind, of course, is when? Well it looks like the first stage of when will be in February of 2012. Rumor has it that the Barnstormer will reemerge as ┬áthe Great Goofini, Dumbo will again be flying (but only in normal capacity not the double Dumbo we will be getting!), and the Fantasyland station of the Walt Disney World Railroad will be open for business again!

Of course that leaves a lot to be opened but we have been told not to expect full completion until 2014. Grumpy can’t wait. But I guess he will have to! Till then check out this video for the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster.

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