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Prince Eric’s Castle

Erics Castle


The Origins of the Disney Dragon?

Flying DragonThere had been rumors of a dragon making its way to Walt Disney World for some time. Though it was unconfirmed most sources thought it would probably head towards New Fantasyland, what with all the princesses and castles and such. Everyone knows dragons love those things!

Well the rumors have been confirmed! A dragon did indeed make an appearance at the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately it flew over on December 5th, 2012 at a VIP only event and Disney is not releasing any details of when or if it will make another appearance.

The only good news is that the entire search for the dragon has been chronicled on video. So take a look for yourself at what may be the origins of the beast, the search for the beast and what we hope (really, really hope!) will be the first of many appearances. Read the rest of this entry

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland

Most of us were not excpecting a Dragon to fly over Cinderella Castle at Watl Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as part of the festivities surrounding the December 6th grand opening of the New Fantasyland. Unless you had been hiding under a rock you had heard about the new castles being built and the new rides but you had to be a true Disney nerd to even suspect a dragon might invade the Magic Kingdom.

But as you can see from this video it did!

Read the rest of this entry

Belle Tells A Story And You Can Help!

The Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland expansion continues to be a source of excitement and speculation for Walt Disney World fans. It seems Disney gives a little more information all the time but they never give us enough! They just let it trickle out enough to keep our attention focused but always hungry for more.


When Disney announced they were going to be adding some new attractions to Fantasyland they also mentioned they would be taking some away. One of those things that was destined to leave was Storytime with Belle. But have no fear Belle isn’t done telling stories and sharing her love of books. And now she is telling them in a whole new way and you can help. Well if you are a kid in body and not just heart.

Recently they released a video introducing Enchanted Tales With Belle. That video really focused on the pre-show.  If you missed it check it out here.

This week they have gone a step further and taken us inside the show itself.

Maurice Has A Magic Mirror?

At Walt Disney World anytime something is added there seems to be, unfortunately, something that has to go away. While sometimes this leaves us a little sad because a beloved attraction goes away, like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, it is a necessary part of making room for something that is new (and hopefully better!)

When WDW Imagineering announced the huge Fantasyland expansion two of the things they noted that was destined for the used to be were Snow White’s Scary Adventure and Story Time With Belle.

But neither Snow White nor Belle were going to be completely forgotten. Snow White was going to be remembered through the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train and Belle was getting an expanded and much improved story telling gig called Enchanted Tales With Belle.

Videos of the Seven Dwarf’s have already been featured here at but today we bring you a glimpse of Belle’s new venue. Enjoy the show!

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