Walt On Why You Work

Working for money is a necessity for most of us. There are bills to be paid. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if we could just work for enjoyment?

Walter Elias Disney


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Okay since I am a Disney addict and they don't have a twelve step program for Walt Disney World I will serve my addiction by blogging about the place I'd rather be!

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  1. Reblogged this on Surviving the modern day safari that is my life and commented:
    I love this…. wouldnt it be great if we could all work purely for enjoyment?? It’s easy to see why Walts dream didnt seem like work anymore. Seeing the smiles on everyones face in Disneyworld is payment for the soul which in itself is nothing short of Magical.

    • Well I am blessed to do a job I really enjoy and love as well as getting paid well to do it. But I spent a lot of years doing stuff I loved less well and getting paid less to get here!

      Of course you are right about the smiles, my ultimate dream job would be one of my own creation. I call it Magic Kingdom Good Will Ambassador. I start each day with an inventory of goodies, perhaps souvenirs such as pins etc, and maybe fastpasses. Then I just get to hand them out to people and see them light up!

  2. When I reach this point I hope to be working at WDW!

  3. I know what you mean! What would your job be if you could choose one?

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