The Top 10 List (Minus1) of Rides at the Magic Kingdom In Walt Disney World

What nine rides or experiences would you choose at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World? I know these lists are supposed to be top 10 but there is a method to my grumpiness.

Walt Disney World tracks the average number of rides a guest rides. Want to take a guess what that magic number is? You guessed it! It is nine. You are doing great. Below are the nine I would chose. They are not necessarily in order and of course real life conditions like Fastpass and wait time change things but I think you get the idea.

So what are your nine? List them as a comment of put them on our official facebook page!

Pirates of the Caribbean: There is just something about that catchy tune that keeps me coming back again and again. Sometimes I ride it more than once per day!Pirates Of The Caribbean Sign

Jungle Cruise: The corny jokes still make me chuckle and I just love the scenes and the scenery! Good job recreating the jungles of the world in the Florida swamps!Disney World's Jungle Cruise 14

Big Thunder Mountain: It’s a roller coaster with animatronics. Need I say more?

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Splash Mountain: Have you noticed that it gets hot in Florida? This one will cool you off with that big splash at the end. Love the animatronics too though some don’t work well and some don’t work at all. Still I have to ride it.

Splash Mountain 10

Space Mountain: Just a fun time and amazing how 28 mph feels much faster in the dark with the wind in your hair. (Did you know that is the top speed?)

Space Mountain

Mickey’s Philharmagic: Music! Music! Music! Love the 4D effects! Oh did I mention I love the music?

Walt Disney World Mickey's Philharmagic 01

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: I get to shoot stuff! Nuff said. Though this one dropped down some because last time I rode it Mrs Grumpy beat me!

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Carousel of Progress: History brings me to this one. I love it. I love to remember how people used to live. Plus this is one Walt himself loved. As an added bonus you get to sit down for a while in a nice climate controlled environment!

Carousel of Progress

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House: Loved the movie and love seeing it brought to life!

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House


About grumpydisney

Okay since I am a Disney addict and they don't have a twelve step program for Walt Disney World I will serve my addiction by blogging about the place I'd rather be!

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  1. My nine were harder than i thought to decide on…..firstly there’s the big 3…
    Splash, Thunder and Space mountains,
    The jungle cruise-a definate classic
    The haunted mansion – like you, a nice sit down in climate control
    Mickeys philarmagic- magic is EXACTLY right 🙂
    Stitches great escape (formally Alien attack, which i prefered)
    Monsters inc laugh floor and
    Prince charmings carrousel – im a girl, what do you want? Lol

    • We have a lot of the same choices but some differences. But that is what makes the Magic Kingdom so great. There is something for every taste from mild to wild. I have never done Monsters Inc. I will have to try it sometime.

  2. Thanks for your sharing,I appreciate this.keep up the good work.

  3. Big Thunder, Splash, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Carousel of Progress, Jungle Cruise, Monsters Inc, Philharmagic.

    What do you think it is about Peter Pan that makes it so popular? I love the ride but it’s hard to walk past without seeing at least a 45 minute wait.

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