The Origins of the Disney Dragon?

Flying DragonThere had been rumors of a dragon making its way to Walt Disney World for some time. Though it was unconfirmed most sources thought it would probably head towards New Fantasyland, what with all the princesses and castles and such. Everyone knows dragons love those things!

Well the rumors have been confirmed! A dragon did indeed make an appearance at the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately it flew over on December 5th, 2012 at a VIP only event and Disney is not releasing any details of when or if it will make another appearance.

The only good news is that the entire search for the dragon has been chronicled on video. So take a look for yourself at what may be the origins of the beast, the search for the beast and what we hope (really, really hope!) will be the first of many appearances.

Everyone knows dragons come from eggs so it is only fitting the search for the truth begins with examining what looks like it could be a dragon egg. That or an ostrich on some major growth hormone.

The search continues with some very grainy footage of what could be a dragon. If it really is the Disney dragon, this is probably the earliest known footage.

We are not sure what he wished for on his birthday but chances are he got more than he bargained for in our next clip.

Let’s slow that down and take a better look.

This farmer was looking for some kids who had been tipping his cows. He didn’t find any kids though. Good news his barn was fine.

Parents at their daughter’s softball game did not strike out when it came to getting something other than the game on video.

This father and his son almost got too close to the beast at the Contemporay Resort.

Enter Gary. You just have to view this and come to your own conclusions. I’m still shaking my head.

But you can understand why he headed to the Magic Kingdom when he heard there might be a dragon headed that way.

Just when it seemed all the clues had dried up, an anonymouse source showed up.

Which left Gary sitting in the Enchanted Forrest. While the mission was partly successful, I think we can all agree, all things considered, Gary was fail on this night. Judging from his first video, it probably wasn’t the first failure in his life. Or the second. Or the third. I think you get the picture.

But hey he wasn’t crazy after all! He finally found the dragon. Well, maybe he is crazy. But he did find the dragon!

Stayed tuned for more info on the scaly beast!


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Okay since I am a Disney addict and they don't have a twelve step program for Walt Disney World I will serve my addiction by blogging about the place I'd rather be!

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