Festival of the Lion King On The Move?

Last year there was a nasty rumor that the Festival of the Lion King was going to be closed in January 2013 to make way for the Pandora, aka Avatar, expansion. While a temporary shutdown would be bad enough many festival enthusiasts feared it would be a temporay closing similar to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage which closed for a temporary renovation in 1994 never to reopen.

Well the latest rumors are good news for Festival fans. The cast has signed a new long term contract and a new location for the show has been found. Not only does that mean the show will not permanently be closed it is a good indication it will not be closed at all. The show will stay in Camp Minnie-Mickey, it’s current home, until the new location is ready.

The new location actually makes more sense. According to sources the show will be located in Harambe Village behind Tusker House. Given that the show is all about Africa that makes a lot more sense than Camp Minnie-Mickey.

This is all just rumor for the moment though so do not be surprised if things do not work out this way.

Of course all this moving is necessary, if it happens, because the rumored location of Pandora is the current location of Camp-Minnie Mickey.

Any one who has been to Camp Minnie-Mickey can understand quickly why it is the prime location for some expansion love. There is nothing there but the Festival of the Lion King and some character meet and greets.

Grumpy is hoping this rumor is one of the true ones. Festival of the Lion King is the best show in Disney property, in my grumpy opinion. The last time I was there I saw it at least twice and I still love it.Festival Of The Lion King


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