The Fantasyland Expansion Announcement at D23

The Partners Statue during Wishes

Like the Partners statue on Main Street there are something that just seem to go hand in hand with with Walt Disney World. Certainly some of the things that go hand in hand with Walt Disney World are dreams, wishes and magic. But there is another thing that is equally connected to the wonderful world that Walt envisioned: the rumor mill.

Disney rumors abound. This park is getting an expansion. This park is being shut down. A new park is opening. Like everything else you read on the internet you cannot put much trust in something that some body heard from a friend who has a cousin whose dog once stayed at the house of a cast member. But every once in a while the rumors are true.

One such rumor that was true was the one about Fantasyland getting a major update. On September 12, 2009 these rumors were confirmed at a D23 meeting.

The original plan called for a doubling of the size of Fantasyland and was heavily geared to showcase Disney princesses in their own environment. Sights, sound and magic would be heavily emphasized in true Disney fashion.

The plans included a visit to Cinderella in her country chateau. Guests would get to see the transformation from rags to riches right before their eyes.

Sleeping Beauty would finally get to celebrate her 16th birthday (she slept through it for some reason.) The three fairies are going to make up for it in style though.

Belle was to have her own spot too. Guests were to step through a mirror and not only see the story unfold but get to take a part in it. Beast was going to get a castle. Gaston was going to have his tavern.

Fans of princesses with flippers were not overlooked either. Everyone’s favorite little mermaid was scheduled to get a wonderful new e-ticket adventure.

Guests were going to be shrunk to visit Tink and her friends in Pixie Hollow.

And finally Fantasyland was not the only thing doubling, it’s most popular ride was doubling in capacity too! Dumbo was going to add a second spinner as well as an interactive queue area.

That was the original plan. Some details were lacking, such as where all this room was to come from. But one thing was clear little princesses were going to be amazed. Another thing was abundantly clear, little pirates were going to be forced to walk the plank on this expansion. This multimillion dollar expansion not only offered them very little, a lot of what was being planned seemed almost designed to push the male population out of Fanstasyland.

Well Disney must have heard the complaints from the little buccaneers because they went back to the drawing board and plans changed. Somethings were cut. Somethings were added but hopefully what they came up with will amaze us all. Look for details about the changes in upcoming articles.

Check out the video to hear all about the original plans as well as see some concept art.

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