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Sorcerer’s Of The Magic Kingdom

Hades, the evil ruler of the underworld from the animated Disney movie Hercules, has a plan to take over the Magic Kingdom and the only thing stopping him is you! Or me! Or one of the other sixteen million guests who will visit the Magic Kingdom this year!

But how do you stop him? As you enter the Magic Kingdom stop by the Main Street USA Fire Station and sign on to be one of Merlin’s apprentices in the new interactive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game.

You will quickly learn that Hades has sent his minions to seize Merlin’s magic crystal but in the attempt the crystal was shattered. Hades has not given up though! He has enlisted the help of some of Disney’s favorite (or infamous) villains to gather the shards of the crystal so it can be put back together. Once that is accomplished Hades will have the power to take over the Magic Kingdom.

The only thing standing in his way is you! Merlin will enlist you as his apprentice and give you a map and a five random magic spell cards (there are a total of seventy.)  You are now ready to start your adventure.

Spread through out the lands of the Magic Kingdom, with the exception of Tomorrowland, are twenty magic portals. They are disguised as ordinary things, such as windows, but when you, as an apprentice sorcerer, display your magic card, they become something totally different and you get your chance to see what the villains are up to as well as the chance to stop them by casting a spell. When the time is right, show your strength and wave your card in front of the portal to defeat the evil before it can seize the Kingdom. After defeating eight of the villains you head for a confrontation with Hades himself.

Check out this video from the Imagineering Department

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