Mickey’s Philharmagic

Right next door to Peter Pan’s Flight you find Mickey’s Philharmagic. This 3d movie takes it’s inspiration from the the Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment of Fantasia and add’s Donald Duck into the equation.

Before the show can go on, guests are reminded to put on their opera glasses, aka 3d glasses.

Mickey and Minnie are all out of shapes when Goofy raises the curtain because the orchestra is missing! Mickey runs on stage and asks Donald to get the orchestra ready. Before he leaves he puts his hat, the very same sorcerer’s hat he wore in Fantasia, and tells Donald in no uncertain terms to leave the hat alone.

Donald, unfortunately (or fortunately for us!), cannot resist and puts the hat on to try conducting the orchestra himself. Then he finds out that like Frosty’s headwear, there must have been some magic left in that hat. Donald tries his hand as combination conductor/sorcerer but things go no better for Donald then they did sorcerer Mickey. It gets even worse when the duck loses the hat! What follows are the misadventures of Donald as he tries to recover the hat. His journey takes him through many Disney classics, always chasing after the hat, until finally Mickey arrives to set things right.

This show is certainly an entertaining treat for all ages. Disney did not limit the action to 3d either. They added some sight and smell to make the show even more interesting.

Fastpasses are available and recommended.

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