The Haunted Mansion

A True Disney Classic. Impressive but not scary though.

Name: The Haunted Mansion

Land: Liberty Square

Fastpass: No

Good: A Disney classic. It is a haunted house and I was worried when my three year old niece went that she would be afraid. That lasted till I heard her howling like a wolf behind me! It’s a slow moving dark ride with a few surprises including a hitchhiker.

Bad: If you want to be scared you most certainly will not be. Unless you are an absolute coward!

Must See: Yes

Grumpy Rating: 4.5 out of 5 grumpys

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About grumpydisney

Okay since I am a Disney addict and they don't have a twelve step program for Walt Disney World I will serve my addiction by blogging about the place I'd rather be!

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  1. I love the new queue and alomost ‘scooby dooesque’ scare level.

  2. You make me jealous I haven’t gotten to see the new queue yet. Hoping to next year though!

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