An Anniversary To Remember-Part One

Our room even included an Elephant!

In 2009 my wife and I took a trip to Walt Disney World for our anniversary. We had both been to Disney several times before. I went twice as a child with my family and we had had been once by ourselves.

That one trip by ourselves was not very enjoyable. We had left our home in Indiana to travel to Illinois. Then we came back to Indiana for one day. Then it was off to the Atlantic coast of Florida before heading to the Orlando area where we were staying with my aunt. We spent one day at Disney and to be honest I was so tired from all the travelling I just did not enjoy it and we left early.

Then my family started making Disney trips when my niece Megan came along. I simply was not interested because of my bad experience at Disney with my wife  on our trip together. But mom kept begging us to go and offering to pay for part of the trip. The trip also included some time at the beach so we agreed to go.

Am I ever glad we did! It was so much fun I immediately wanted to go back and we did. Most times it was the whole family but one time just my wife, my brother, his daughter and grumpy himself.

Two Beautiful Princesses although only one of them is an official Disney Princess. The other did marry a frog though!

There were many differences between those family trips and our one solo trip. One was we had not traveled so much. The other was where we were staying. On our family trips we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. There is just no comparison, at least in my mind, in staying on Disney property and staying off Disney property. Those two factors and many more, like Park Hopper Passes and Extra Magic Hours, just make a huge difference.

In 2009 no one in the family was planning on doing Disney but I had a bad case of I just have to be there this year so my wife and I planned a trip on our own for our 15th wedding anniversary. We have no kids of our own so we weren’t limited to when we could go so we picked the value season and got a great deal. We ended up at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for 8 days and seven nights. We had the Disney Dining Package. We also didn’t have to drive! Since there were only two of us it was about the same price to fly as it was to drive. So we traded 16 hours one way in a car to less than 2 hours on a plane.

We arrived in Orlando and took the Magical Express service to our resort. I cannot say enough about this service! Disney picks you up at the airport, with about 50 of your new best friends who are also headed to Disney, and drops you off at your temporary home. They also claim your luggage and bring it to your room for you!

Because we arrived around noon we checked in and headed to the Magic Kingdom. I was craving some Peco’s Bills! It happened that one of my aunts, the same one who let me stay at her house on our other solo trip, was also in the Magic Kingdom that day. We knew she was there but she and her husband had no idea we were there. I called my cousin, her daughter, who then called her mom just to see what was up. She found out where my aunt was without revealing we were in the park.

Would you believe I actually got to pet a rhino?

It happened she was on the river boat so we met her at the exit. I didn’t just call out to her though. I just stood in her way. She tried to walk around me several times but I kept getting in her way! Finally she looked up and realized that this idiot who would not get out of her way was not just any idiot. He was her nephew. We rode a few rides together and I got my Peco’s Bills. Then we parted ways. My wife and I wanted to ride something they did not and they had to get back in time to watch the Superbowl that evening.

Later that night we had a bad experience though. On the bus ride back to the Lodge my wife and I were standing. I was constantly overhearing a little girl being a brat, to put it politely. She finally worked herself up to a fever pitch and promptly threw up in her father’s face. Now I have a sensitive stomach and vomit smell is bad news for me so I was in trouble. But it got worse! Her sister, who was seated facing me, threw up too! Right on my jeans and shoes. She apologized profusely and I didn’t let my inner grumpy get the best of me but I was slightly less than thrilled to say the least! When the lights came on, however, I felt really bad for the second girl. She had a handful of vomit she was holding that should have hit my leg.

Because we were going to Florida where it is always warm I had only packed one pair of jeans (big mistake! Florida in February can be very cold!) We called down to the concierge and they agreed to launder my vomit infected clothes for free. Which I really appreciated.

Because it was an anniversary trip Cast Members went the extra mile to help us celebrate.

The next day we hit the Studios and had a blast even though it was cold. That week was so cold in fact they were using kerosene heaters to keep some of the trees from freezing at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The particular trees were native to Africa and there was a real risk they would die. In fact it was so cold that week that one morning on the Kilimanjaro Safaris one of the geysers was shooting its water up into the trees and making a wonderful ice sickle display.

But enough of the complaining! I said this was an anniversary trip to remember and it was! It was a great trip. I missed seeing my nieces enjoy the World but I did not miss constantly trying to keep a party of eight together! Or someone being upset because we weren’t all together. Side note: You don’t have to have kids to enjoy Disney! Adults can have a load of fun by themselves!

A real tree brought from Africa! This is a sausage fruit tree named because of the shape of its fruit. You can eat the fruit but most native Africans do not.If you look below this tree, located near Kilimanjaro Safaris, you can find a hidden mickey.

Being alone, my wife and I could ride what we wanted when we wanted as much as we wanted. And because it was value season prices were lower and lines were shorter. There was only one ride I had wanted to ride that I didn’t get to during that week even though the park hours were much shorter. That ride was Winnie the Pooh and I didn’t so much want to ride it as to be able to say I had ridden all the rides in the Magic Kingdom. Well I haven’t ridden Aladdin either but who is counting!

To be continued!


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Okay since I am a Disney addict and they don't have a twelve step program for Walt Disney World I will serve my addiction by blogging about the place I'd rather be!

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