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A Big Announcement Or A Big Let Down

The big announcement is out and the rumors and speculation are true. The Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland in California will indeed be open 24 hours. For one day. February 29th. Which might be great if you happen to be in one of those two areas on that day but if you are like Grumpy, and 99.99999% of Americans (totally made up statistic btw) you won’t be.

So this is just another of the overly hyped Disney announcements that turns out to be a real dud. Remember the last time they announced days ahead of time they were going to announce something really special? Yeah it was hey by the way we are going to project pictures on Cinderella Castle prior to Wishes. I think the whole world let out a collective and disappointed “Really?” In fairness to the Mouse, I checked out that particular show and it is much more impressive than the press release. In fact there are a lot more things going on than pictures of random guests. Check it out for yourself at the bottom of this post. In fact the video of the announcement was much cooler than what was being announced!

One of the two only half way redeeming feature of this announcement is the opportunity for an extra day on Disney’s dime (and they can afford it a lot better than grumpy can!) if you stay between February 26 and March 10, 2012 and are staying three nights or more.

The other redeeming factor is an opportunity to win a free trip to Disney every day in January! Check out the full announcement here.

The Grumpy Report 12-29-2011

Here is your top news from this week.

A couple of exciting things happened for this site which may not impress you but they make me happy! Or at least less grumpy. First the site has been renamed to will remain our sister site and the two will share much of the same content until I can figure out how to combine the two sites without losing our grumpyfans here on the wordpress site. Second, the site has kind of exploded over the last couple of days (which is why I don’t want to abandon it and you here on wordpress!) This week week alone we exceeded the combined total of visitors for the entire months of October and November combined! So keep coming and bring your friends too!

And if you missed our top stories of the week catch up with them right here!

The Big Announcement

Turned Away at the Gates?

Two Videos of the Fantasyland Expansion

It’s a busy day at grumpyworld but here are two quick looks at the amazing Fantasyland expansion.

Mickey’s Philharmagic

Jungle Cruise Gallery

Pirates of the Caribbean Gallery

Top Five Walt Disney Resort Stories

Big news or big let down?

With the year winding down the official Disney Blog has declared their top five stories of the year. Those top five stories of the year? The 40th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom, a meet and greet under development with Mickey where the big cheese actually speaks, the Avatar expansion, a behind the scenes look at the construction of Beast’s castle in Fantasyland and the installation of Nemo icons the Art of Animation resort.

The question I must ask is simple, “Is anyone else let down that these are the top five stories of 2011?”

Don’t get me wrong each of them is at least mildly exciting in their own way but Beast Castle and the Nemo icons are not really news. They are just updates of stories from previous years. Disney is just letting us know progress is being made. Now if either of these items were announcements that work was complete that might be news. But saying hey we painted a wall? Well that might be a slight exaggeration of what they announced but it isn’t far off is it? I am not saying it isn’t news worthy but a top story?

As for the 40th anniversary story its not like there was a major tie in event. Sure guests who were there that day received a few special items like pins and maps but again this is the best news you had in all of 2011?

And don’t get me started on the Avatar expansion. Grumpy does not claim that this isn’t worthy of top news status. It certainly is. Grumpy’s problem is this: He’s not sure if it’s good news or bad. Avatar does nothing for me. At all. If they wanted something based on a movie why not something that was an established series? Jurassic Park would have suited me better! But they have a Dinoland already I suppose. What about Middle Earth? If you want to compete against Harry Potter world I would put Gandalf up against anything Harry has to offer! Still, it is an expansion I guess and I look forward to seeing what comes of it. Disney just better hope the next two Avatar movies don’t bomb.

That just leaves one story to talk about: Talking Mickey Mouse! Okay I have to admit this one doesn’t thrill me personally. But hey I’m grumpy right? It is big news though and it is good news. For forty years Mickey has been greeting guests at the Magic Kingdom and never spoken a word to any of them personally. Now he’s going to strike up a conversation. While talking Mickey may not excite me too much I can understand what an effect this will have on the youngsters and if it makes them happy it makes me…well less grumpy I guess. And there is technology behind talking Mickey and that does excite me because we don’t know what else that technology may eventually be used for. Watch the video for a short glimpse of how this may end up working.

So there you have it. The grumpy report of the top five stories from Disney World in 2011. Your thoughts? Even if you don’t want to reply take the poll and let me know if I am way off track. If you want to read the official post from Disney click here.

Turned Away At The Magic Kingdom?

Since 1971 the Magic Kingdom has been entertaining, quite literally, millions of guests. For the most part that entertainment has been every day of the year. There have been a few exceptions. The park has been closed for hurricanes. It was closed and effectively evacuated on 9/11 (For more info on how terror affected Disney World click here.) Under those circumstances it is perfectly clear why the gates would be shut on your vacation dreams.

But are there other circumstances that would result in you being shut out? There is at least one more. Sometimes the park reaches capacity and people are turned away at the gates. Can you imagine making your way to the Magic Kingdom, taking the ferry or the monorail to the TTC and then being turned away at the gate? Surely that doesn’t happen does it? Why yes it does. In fact it happened this past Christmas! Christmas dreams were turned into a Clarke Grizwald nightmare!

It doesn’t happen often though and the good news is not everyone was turned away! If you met certain criteria you could still get in. One of those criteria was being a guest of of one of the the Disney World resorts. Just another perk of staying on property.

Here are the four phases of Park Closing:

Walt Disney World closing phases

Phase 1
Guests with ‘Magic Your Way’ base tickets, or a ‘1-Day 1-Park Ticket’, Guests without an admission ticket, and Cast Members using Main Gate & Silver Passes will be turned around at the parking lot booths.

Phase 2
Admission is limited to:

  • Disney Resort Guests (including the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, and guests arriving by bus from the Hotel Plaza Boulevard hotels)
  • Annual and Premium Annual Passholders
  • Guests with Hopper tickets coming from another park
  • Guests re-entering the park
  • Guests with dining reservations
  • Magic Kingdom Guests with reservations for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or The Pirates League
  • Guests using Walt Disney World Resort Transportation will be admitted.

Phase 3
Admission is limited to:

  • Disney Resort Guests (including the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, and guests arriving by bus from the Hotel Plaza Boulevard hotels)
  • Annual and Premium Annual Passholders
  • Guests with dining reservations
  • Magic Kingdom Guests with reservations for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or The Pirates League

Phase 4
Closed to all guests.

I searched high and low (okay I did two quick searches) for images of this evacuation but couldn’t find any so instead I will let Darth Vader explain it to you.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Cadet's of all ages can help repel the evil Emperor Zorg!

Taking a cue from Buzz’s “career” as a Space Ranger guests are asked to enlist in the Rangers and help repel an invasion by the evil Emperor Zorg. You board your space craft which comes equipped with two cannons and one joystick. As you travel through space one cadet can control the direction of the ship and both cadets can aim their cannons and take out targets. Cadets are awarded points based on the number of targets they successfully hit. There are some hidden targets that award huge bonuses!

Though it might seem, at first glance that this one is only for kids, adults will enjoy it too and at the end you can compare your score with everyone in your party for bragging rights!








Back to the Magic Kingdom

Disney Set To Make A Big Announcement on New Year’s Eve!

Disney has promised us a huge announcement and all the rumors and clues seem to indicate it will have something to do with Leap Year. Could it be 24 hours of open parks? We don’t know yet but we sure are looking forward to finding out!

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