Space Mountain

Within that building resides Space Mountain. This ride was not an original E-Ticket Ride only because it was not added till after the Magic Kingdom opened. Once Space Mountain opened it certainly became on though and is arguably one of the biggest rides at the Magic Kingdom.

Space Mountain is one of three roller coasters in the Magic Kingdom. Unlike the other two, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain, the exterior of Space Mountain is not designed to resemble a real mountain. Instead it is a futuristic building designed to resemble a base on some distant planet or a space port on a future earth.

Space Mountain is also different from its Magic Kingdom Counterparts in that it is a completely enclosed ride. Riders enter the building and will not see the light of day again until they have completed their intergalactic journey. There are two two different tracks for Space Mountain, Alpha and Omega. They offer nearly identical rides but Alpha is slightly longer.

As you either walk or wait your way through the queue there are glimpses into space. They include stations, astronauts and celestial bodies such as stars and planets. When your wait is over, it can be a very long wait on busy days, you are selected for either the Alpha or the Omega train. Each train holds up to six people riding single file. Your “ship” then moves to the launching area. Strobe lights that increase in flash frequency and a humming “warp” speed sound effect emphasize you are about to be hurled into outer space as  you climb the hill. Then you are blasted into the void of space.

Like space, Space Mountain is very dark. Stars can been seen shooting overhead and one never really sees very far ahead. The track twists a lot even for a roller coaster. The darkness and the rapid twists create an illusion you are travelling at great speed but the truth is you really only reach 28 miles per hour. You will occasionally encounter other ships, the Alpha train will see the Omega train for example, as you wind your way through your journey.

I have ridden Space Mountain many, many time but Goofy has never ridden with me!

After your rocket has landed you will find yourself on the moving walkway, known as the speed ramp, and several scenes of what life might be like on the surface of planets with atmospheres that are not human friendly. You will even notice a robotic dog.

Space Mountain is definitely a must see at the Magic Kingdom. Fastpasses are available. There is no single rider line. This ride is open during Extra-Magic Hours.

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Back to the Magic Kingdom


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  1. This actually answered my downside, thanks!

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