Disney World Top Seven Must Sees Part One

If you have stayed at a Walt Disney World Resort you know that Disney has got it down when it comes to shameless self-promotion. Every time you turn on the TV it defaults to a specific channel. It does not matter what the last channel you were watching was. The TV has been bribed to keep your mind focused squarely on getting you back into the park where chances are you will spend more money. I am not judging. Just saying.

That channel is an endless loop of the Top Seven Must Sees at Walt Disney World. It updates from time to time as new rides open and old ones close but whenever you turn on the TV  you are going to see it first. In honor of the Top Seven Must Sees at Walt Disney World I am going to create my own. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Of course the hardest part of any “top” list is figuring out what belongs there. Sometimes its just hard to find anything that would make the list. Fortunately I do not have that problem at Disney World. My problem is narrowing the list down to only seven. But I am up to the task. Of course there are a few things that won’t make my list simply because I have not done them, like Cirque Du Soleil (an official winner on the Disney generated list.) I have completed almost every ride and experience in the parks though. In fact one of the only thing that comes to mind that I have not done is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I was going to ride it last time I was there but it just did not work out.

So without further delay here is my list. I hope you enjoy it!

Number 7:Flights of Wonder at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Okay so it’s definitely not flashy and the story is especially hokey. A tour guide who happens to be terrified of birds finds his tour group (you the audience) has left him behind and has stumbled into, of all things, a show on birds. The tour guide, the last several times I have seen the show it was Guano Joe, spends the rest of the show learning about birds and at the same time overcoming his fears.

My favorite part of the show. They have never let the eagle fly out over us but I still love seeing it.

This show is not like a lot of animal shows you might have seen. Birds will be flying right over your head. Well that is the hope at least. They come so low you have to wonder if they ever hit anyone in the audience. There are singing birds, birds who can “do” math and a bird who literally takes money right out of an audience members hand and delivers it to the show host. Don’t worry the bird brings it back. Last time I saw the show I made sure I took cash so I could volunteer and low and behold I was picked. Unfortunately my wife was too close to get a good picture.

I really enjoy the whole show but what earns its spot on this list is the closing. They bring out a real bald eagle. Now I have loved the American bald eagle since I was a child. They were once on the endangered list but aren’t any longer. To see one up close and personal like that literally brought tears to my eyes. Don’t skip this one. You will be missing out.

Number 6: Soarin’ at Epcot

The Golden Gate is only one thing you will see as you “soar” over California. Click the picture to watch the video from Walt Disney World

Okay I have to admit up front one of the reasons I picked Soarin’ is location. It’s in EPCOT and I didn’t have anything from EPCOT and I would have hate to have left out a theme park completely. That being said it does not mean this is not a first class attraction.

Guests on Soarin’ strap into what looks like a row of theater seats. In fact you are in front of a large movie screen. But do not be fooled. Once everyone is seated and ready to go your seats get whisked up and into the air and the show begins.

The show is a tour over California and it’s coast. (Soarin’ is a transplant from Disney’s California Adventure at Disneyland.) The seats move and tilt. Obviously this show has a visual impact but there are also cool breezes blowing in your face, the smell of pine trees and the salty pacific. The “movie” will drag you in to the point you will lift your feet to avoid clipping the trees.

Number 5: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The story goes like this, years and years ago some people at a hotel were in the elevator when lightning struck it and they disappeared as a whole wing of the Hollywood Tower collapsed. As the name should imply it happened because of the Twilight Zone.

Not for the faint of heart but if you can overcome your fears you might just like it! Hey I refused the first year I was there but now I ride it and ride it often. Click the picture for the official Disney page and a video.

After winding your way through the abandoned hotel you will enter the last stage of the queue. Here you are crowded into a room with a bellhop as you watch a video that could could be an introduction to the original TV show the Twilight Zone. The narrator even sounds like Rod Steiger. Then you have one more little queue till you enter your elevator car to excitement. They give you a seat but you won’t always need it. You are also given a seat belt. You do need this and I highly recommend you use it!

The car then moves along some dark tunnels. You catch glimpses of the missing guests and then the fun starts. You move into final position and are raised and lowered multiple (and a random amount) of times. This is where you will not need your seat and be thankful you are strapped in. It is an odd feeling to be floating in one direction while you realize the car is moving in the other but don’t worry you will come back together one way or the other!  At multiple points in the ride you will be stopped as windows open up and you get a first class view of the rest of the Studios.

Because of its nature I was at first reluctant to try this one out. But my niece was going to ride and I overcame my shame. I am glad I did! You are enclosed for the whole ride for those who do not like standard drop rides and if you are healthy enough I recommend you try it at least once. It’s a must see after all!

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